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Chapters 1-5

Matilda Wormwood is a young extraordinary child with a brilliant mind. By the age of one and a half has already a rich vocabulary! Unlike most parents, the Wormwoods and their son, Michael, think that she is a little scab. They don’t understand her, and often treat her badly. Her parents are quite different from Matilda, preferring to watch television than read books. Every weekday afternoon she is left alone at the house because, her brother has school, her father is at work and her mother at bingo club. So, she decides to walk alone to the local library. Mrs Phelps, the librarian, is taken aback at Matilda’s books’ choice and gradually understands that she is a genius child with special reading abilities! Her father, Mr Wormwood is a car dealer. The honest truth is that Mr Wormwood doesn’t have a legal work. His success is based on cheating his customers in various ways. Matilda’s father tells these secrets to his children because he wants Michael to join his business. Matilda gets sad and angry with him and decides to punish him by putting superglue in his hat! The second lesson that Matilda gives her father, turns to be more scary than the superglue event. As her father has destroyed a library book, she borrows a friend’s parrot, brings it home, hide it in the chimney and make them believe that a burglar and a ghost are at home. And if the expectation of her next punishment made the situation bearable for Matilda, Mr Wormwood goes on thinking low of Matilda accusing her of cheating when she manages with a blink of an eye to calculate mentally and figure out the number exactly of what he has earned from his illegal business.

Chapters 6-10

Matilda knows her father needs another punishment! She decides as revenge, to play tricks to him. The plan is to empty ¾ of her father’s lotion and put some of her mum’s dangerous hair tonic which is used to dye her hair blonde. The plan goes excitingly well: her dad is shocked! After the incident, Matilda starts going to school where she meets Miss Honey, a kind and nurturing teacher who does everything in her power to rise this child to a higher level of learning, once she had understood her intelligence. Sadly, the headmistress of the school doesn’t care about children’s education, so Matilda stays at Miss Honey’s class where she reads books worthy of her intellect. The Trunchbull is a fearless, vicious, arrogant and hot-headed headmistress. She hates children and would never believe the intellect of small kids. She always thinks that kids are disgusting creatures. On the other hand, Miss Honey, wants to help Matilda by convincing her parents to protest towards the Trunchbull. But her parents see their daughter as a waste of money so, Matilda continues staying in Miss Honey’s class. Matilda and Lavender meet a girl named Hortensia. She is ten years old and she reveals them many great pranks she had done. She also explains to them how to survive the yet unknown to them headmistress. Meanwhile, Matilda and her friend Lavender meet Hortensia, who tells them all about how horrible the Trunchbull is. They see the Trunchbull throw a little girl through the playground by her hair.

Chapters 11-15

Another day the Trunchbull forces a kid named Bruce Bogtrotter to eat an entire chocolate cake .And his punishment is to eat a huge cake bigger than his head. Bruce tries to politely refuse, but she try to cheer him up and at her surprise, Bruce does it without getting sick. Miss Trunchbull stays with her mouth open. At the next day’s brake, kids go to a little river to play. There, they find a little newt! They put it in a little cup of water and Lavender keeps it. When the brake finishes, the kids go to their class and Lavender puts the newt in the jug of water. Next day , Miss Trunchbul comes at Miss Honey’s class. She begins the lesson but at first, she pours some water in her glass without noticing that the newt is felt in her glass. As everything is okay, she drinks the water. All the students start laughing, and she gets mad. She is shouting and screaming at the kids. This makes Matilda so angry that she pushes the Trunchbull's water glass ove with her mind, pouring the newt on to Miss Trunchbull's bosom.Miss Trunchbull blames Matilda for placing the newt there. After class, Matilda feels that she needs to say to somebody about her secret.

Chapters 16-21

So, she decides to tell Miss Honey about her newfound power and when she gives her teacher a little magic show, the teacher invites her to talk to her cottage. When Matilda gets in to Miss Honey’s tiny cottage, she realizes how poor she is. Miss Honey reveals her life story to Matilda: her parents died when she was young, leaving her in the care of her cruel that takes nearly every cent of Miss Honey's salary. At last, Miss Honey reveals who this aunt actually is: Miss Trunchbull! Matilda comes up with a plan, to help her teacher get out of the bad situation. She decides to use her telekinetic powers to help Miss Honey. The following week, Miss Trunchbull comes in to teach Miss Honey’s class and she is acting to the kids as abusive as ever. Suddenly, she's interrupted by a piece of chalk that's writing on its own. Everyone stares as the chalk starts writing on the board. "Agatha." This freaks Miss Trunchbull out completely. It continues to write a message containing the names "Magnus" and "Jenny". Panicked, she disappears, moving out of her house. When Magnus's will mysteriously appears, it is revealed that his house belonged to Miss Honey all along, as do his life savings. Miss Honey moves home immediately, and Matilda is a frequent visitor. Matilda gets moved up to the school's highest class. In the meantime, her parents are planning to move to Spain. Matilda doesn't want to go with them. Miss Honey offers to adopt Matilda. Matilda's parents, who never truly cared about her, don’t mind giving up their daughter. As Matilda’s old family drives away, Matilda and Miss Honey hug ..they are a new family at last!

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