Type of Project: Book

Book Name: Matilda

Written by: Roahl Dahl

Illustrated by: Quentin Blake

The Project was created by:

Orfeas Savvaidis, Harry Melissaris, Philippos Colagrande, Stephanos Kanellopoulos


This Project is based on a book called Matilda written by Roald Dahl. We were inspired by our teacher, Miss Pavlosoglou Chrysanthi to get involved with a summary of the book but we went further by creating the whole site. Four of us worked together to break the project up into separate tasks and decide on the tasks or sub-tasks each member is responsible to write. We are all enthusiastic about the result and we hope you enjoy it!We also provide you a link that will send you in seconds to the FREEEEEEE Matilda movie! Finally, click to «Matilda’s Characters List» and find out more about the main personalities of the book!!

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